Two children reading with Bond 2024 logo

At its January 22 school board meeting, the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD (GCISD) Board of Trustees voted to call a bond election that will be on the May 4 ballot. Registered voters residing within the GCISD boundaries will be asked to consider a $150 million bond referendum that would generate funding to address aging conditions, such as replacements for roofs, electrical, plumbing, lift stations, and heating and air conditioning equipment. The propositions also address safety and security updates, technology infrastructure, device replacement for the district’s 1:1 program, buses, equipment updates for several student programs, and equipment improvements at the GCISD Swim Center.

The GCISD total tax rate is the lowest it’s been in 25 years, and the tax rate is not expected to increase as a result of the 2024 bond. In September, the GCISD Board of Trustees adopted the largest total tax rate reduction since 2007 and was able to lower the district’s debt services (Interest & Sinking) tax rate for the fourth year in a row. If the bond is approved by voters, financial advisors expect the district to be able to keep that lower tax rate and still make the required debt payments. In addition to tax rate reductions at the local school district level, state lawmakers created additional property tax relief by increasing the homestead exemption to $100,000. Texas voters approved that proposal in November.

The May 2024 bond proposal is based on a recommendation from a committee of citizens who live in GCISD. These community members reviewed aging conditions, district finances, and toured several schools to help develop and prioritize the list of projects that are included in the bond package.

“We are so grateful for all of our neighbors and community members who spent so much time and dedication working to prioritize needs and develop recommendations to update and safeguard our facilities,” said Shannon Braun, president of the Board of Trustees.

“The Bond Advisory Committee began with $600 million of potential projects and was able to develop a bond package that focuses on critical infrastructure and building priorities,” said Paula Barbaroux, chief operations officer for GCISD.

“I’d like to thank members of the Long Range Planning Committee and the Bond Advisory Committee who helped develop a plan that is fiscally sound and will update educational and support spaces across our school district. It’s our hope that residents will take the time to learn more about the committee’s work, the projects proposed, our tax rates, and ask questions before casting their vote in this election,” Barbaroux said.

Projects will be presented to voters in three separate propositions, in accordance with Senate Bill 30 that was passed by lawmakers in 2019.  

Proposition A: Safety, Buses, and School Updates
$134,236,405 – 89% of total
Proposition A includes facility deficiencies (eg. roofs, HVAC, electrical, etc.) and minor renovations and updates to safety, security, and technology infrastructure for all school facilities. 

Proposition B: Instructional Technology
 $10,225,554 – 7% of total
Proposition B is designed to continue existing technology devices to support learning.

Proposition C: Swim Center Improvements
$5,538,041 – 4% of total
Proposition C addresses corrosion at the GCISD Swim Center by adding filtration and updating and replacing equipment that is past its useful life. The GCISD Swim Center is used by GCISD students, staff, and local residents.

Any GCISD resident who is registered to vote may cast a ballot in this election. Voters will be asked to vote “for” or “against” each of the three propositions. In accordance with state law, all Texas school bond ballots now must include this language: “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.” The current debt portion of the GCISD tax rate is $0.1957 per $100 of property value, and the rate is expected to remain at $0.1957 following the election. 

During Early Voting, April 22-30, voters may vote at any Early Voting Vote Center in Tarrant County. On Election Day, Saturday, May 4, voters may vote at any Election Day Vote Center in Tarrant County.

GCISD officials will schedule informational meetings to share details and answer questions.  As soon as those meetings are finalized, information will be shared through the district’s regular communication channels. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to visit for more information.