2023-2024 Bus Rider Registration
Students MUST complete bus rider registration to receive transportation services in 2023-2024. Families can register students by visiting our bus rider registration page.

School buses safely transport almost 25 million students to and from school every day. Buses in GCISD carry approximately 3,000 students daily.

Motorists know that a yellow traffic signal means prepare to stop and a red signal means stop. School bus warnings mean the same thing. Flashing yellow lights on the bus mean caution; the bus is preparing to stop. Flashing red lights on the bus mean stop; school children are boarding or leaving the bus.

The safety of our students is our number one priority and safety is a priority when determining routes, stops and schedules.

Bus service is available for students who reside more than two miles from their designated school. Eligibility for regular student bus service is determined by a two mile measurement taken from the campus to the address of the student. We use the shortest distance traveled on public roads to determine that measurement. TEA (Texas Education Agency) dictates measurement guidelines to determine funding eligible service areas to and from a campus. These guidelines can be found in the Handbook for School Transportation from TEA. Please note that tools like MapQuest and Google Maps may not properly calculate the distance between a home and school.

For assistance please call 817-251-5592 or contact us via

To register for bus ridership, please visit our bus registration page.

Student Bus Conduct

For the safety of everyone on the bus, if we experience conduct issues while at the campus, we will require the student’s immediate removal from the bus and request that parents pick them up at school.

Furthermore, any bus suspensions will take effect immediately and we will no longer transport students home that afternoon. We appreciate your support and cooperation as we work to transport students to and from school safely.