Proposition C

Proposition C is 4% of the total bond, totaling $5,538,041. It addresses corrosion at the GCISD Swim Center by adding filtration and updating and replacing equipment that is past its useful life. The GCISD Swim Center is used by GCISD students, staff, and local residents.

Items included in Proposition C

  • Add Chloramine Evacuation System

  • Replace Dehumidification Unit

  • Replace Pool UV System

  • Electrical Equipment Replacement

  • Ceiling Repair and Paint

  • Exit Door Replacement

  • Emergency Light Additions Above Bleachers

  • HVAC System Update and Replacement (Failed Units Only)

  • Replace ADA Lift Station 

  • Roof Updates

  • Replace AED Unit

  • Recondition Lift Station

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding Proposition C can be found on the Bond FAQ page.