Proposition B

Proposition B is 7% of the total bond, totaling $10,225,554. This proposition is designed to continue existing technology devices to support learning.

At Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, all campuses have been 1:1 for students in all grade levels for the past 11 years, with the exception of iUniversity Prep, the district's virtual school. The laptops that will be purchased for staff and students through the 2024 bond package are expected to remain in use for approximately five years before being recycled. This lifespan allows the devices to run current software and applications efficiently during those years.

After five years, the laptops are resold to certified electronics recycling companies. Funds from the resale of bond laptops are returned to the school district to help offset future device repair and replacement costs. This sustainability practice reduces waste while also providing a revenue stream that supports the district's ongoing technology needs.

While the bonds sold will be repaid in 25 years, the debt from short-lived items, such as laptops, will be repaid in less time (typically five years for laptops).

Items included in Proposition B

  • Student and Staff Devices

    • 1:1 Lifecycle Replacements

  • A/V Replacements

    • Interactive Boards in Classrooms