Proposition A

Proposition A is 89% of the total bond, totaling $134,236,405. This proposition includes facility deficiencies (eg. roofs, HVAC, electrical, etc.) and minor renovations and updates to safety, security, and technology infrastructure for all school facilities.

Items included in Proposition A

Facility Deficiencies

  • Roof replacements at several schools

  • HVAC replacements for equipment over 20 years old and/or uses expiring refrigerant

  • Replace failing sewer lines

  • Replace outdated electrical panels, switches, and equipment

  • Replace fire alarm systems beyond useful life (17+ years) and/or no parts are available

  • Replace where cracked or corroded and beyond repair

  • Replace where corroded and beyond repair

  • Replace to meet code requirements

Technology Infrastructure

  • Replace network equipment and add network drops for district connectivity

  • Update systems to protect student data and secure learning devices and platforms

  • Replace servers to maintain district operations, systems, and communications

  • Replace phone system to maintain continuity of communications

  • Replace battery backup devices to maintain operations

Safety & Security

  • Add cameras districtwide, increase security surveillance, and update software licenses

  • Add access controls to identified areas

  • Replace expiring AEDs

  • Replace doors and frames, as needed

  • Replace communication systems used for general and emergency communications

  • Upgrade for adequate coverage for two-way radios and replace outdated radios for campus communication


  • Replace 10 buses

  • Replace 4 SUVs

  • Maintain GPS System for bus fleet (hardware, software, and service)

  • Maintain Radio Frequency ID for student safety and ridership information and parent app

  • Replace underground gas and diesel fuel storage tanks and dispensing tanks that are more than 30 years old

Campus, Program & Equipment Updates

  • Renovations for culinary at CHHS and other areas to support and/or expand CTE courses at both comprehensive high schools

  • Assistive technology equipment for SPED students

  • Equipment for nutrition services

  • Replace books, media AV, equipment

  • Replace equipment used for cleaning and equipment used to maintain fields

  • Campus fine arts: stage sound systems at elementary and middle schools, fine arts equipment, stage curtains and uniforms

  • Campus athletics: middle school weight rooms and athletic equipment

  • Replace flooring that is failing or unsafe