Employee Non-Resident Student Transfer Policy

Transfers of Nonresident employee children must follow Board Policy FDB(LOCAL)

EMPLOYEES: You WILL NOT be applying through School Mint. Instead, you will submit your request via the "Employee Student Transfer Request" link. You must be logged in to www.GCISD.net with your employee credentials to see this link. It is located in the menu to the left (on full-sized screens) or the collapsable menu above (on tablet and mobile-sized screens).
A nonresident district employee may request that his or her child be transferred from the residentially assigned campus/school district to the campus at which the parent is assigned or to the appropriate campus geographically closest to the parent's work site. Once assigned to a campus in accordance with this policy a child of a district employee shall be permitted to continue enrollment at that campus in subsequent school years regardless of the availability of space or the cost of staffing.
A. Transfer information
Based on FDB(LOCAL), the district transfer committee will verify that all student transfer requests meet the stated criteria before moving forward, and will consider the following:
     • Available capacity in the requested school
     • Availability of instructional staff
     • The transfer student's attendance meets the 90 percent rule
     • The transfer student's behavior is in good standing
     • The transfer student's academic records
     • The transfer student has passed all state-mandated assessments (such as STAAR)
     • An approved transfer for one child does not guarantee space availability for current or future siblings
B. Campus assignments
Assignments are based on capacity determined by the District Transfer Committee. For the purpose of determining the assignment of transfer students, space shall be considered available when a campus has enrolled less than 90 percent of its enrollment projection for the coming school year.
Children of District employees are permitted to request transfers only once per year. Approved transfers remain in effect until the student completes the grade levels offered at the school unless the transfer is revoked as per Board Policy FDB(LOCAL). A student may return to their home district in the student’s attendance zone at any time.
           • Upon any termination of the parent’s employment, the child of a nonresident District employee forfeits all rights to enrollment in the District. A nonresident employee’s resignation or termination of employment with GCISD will result in the withdrawal of their children, who were previously granted transfers to GCISD, at the end of the semester. However, the student must have and maintain good attendance and have no discipline issues to be permitted to complete the semester. A student who is a senior and has good attendance and no discipline issues shall be permitted to complete the school year.
Email notifications of placement will be sent out as students are placed. Please keep in mind that some notifications may not be sent until the week before the school year begins.
C. Transportation
Parents of transfer students, shall provide transportation to and from school. Eligibility for transportation services is waived by the parent/guardian upon acceptance of the transfer.
D. University Interscholastic League (UIL) Eligibility
Any student who transfers to a school outside of the student's residence attendance zone, will be subject to all eligibility rules of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) and such eligibility rules as may be adopted by the Board of Trustees. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the GCISD Executive Director of Athletics for information about a student’s eligibility or lack thereof because of a transfer.
E. Revocation of transfer
A transfer may be revoked when the student fails to abide by the laws, rules, and policies contained in the Student Code of Conduct and the Student-Parent Handbook. If the student exhibits behavior that causes the principal or designee to take action, as specified in the Student Code of Conduct or GCISD Student Handbook the principal may request that the District transfer committee revoke the transfer.