GT and ASPIRE Academy Identification
Timeline for 21-22 School Year

Elementary (currently enrolled students)

  Referral Window:  January 10 - January 28
  Testing Window:  February 1 - February 28
  GT decision mailed on:  March 28
  ASPIRE decision mailed on:  April 27

**During the referral window, your student can get a form from the front office or you can fill out the Elementary online parent referral form.

Secondary (currently enrolled students)

  Referral Window: February 21 - March 11
  Testing Window: March 21 - April 15
  GT decision mailed on: April 29
  ASPIRE decision mailed on: May 18
**During the referral window, your student can get a form from the campus counselor or you can fill out the Secondary online parent referral form.

Not Currently Enrolled in GCISD

If your child is NOT currently enrolled in one of our district schools and you are interested in ASPIRE Academy, please contact Sara Hartsfield. You must live in the GCISD district or the city limits of Grapevine or Colleyville to be tested. Please DO NOT fill out the form below. We will email you a separate form, once we have established your residency, closer to the time of testing.

  Testing Window for not currently enrolled students:         April 18 - April 29
  ASPIRE Academy decisions mailed on:             May 18

*** Please understand that the following dates are subject to change due to potential COVID complications.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility during this unprecedented school year.  If you have questions or concerns about the identification process, please contact the GT specialist at your child's school for campus-specific information.

Cuestionario y consentimiento para tomar la prueba para el Programa de servicios dotados y talentosos.

Parent Inventory and Permission to Test Form for