Elementary GT Program Services

GCISD Gifted and Talented Program Services serves elementary gifted learners through the following:
  • GT homeroom and core content clusters by GT trained teachers 
  • GT LEAD sessions with the GT Specialist 
  • incorporates independent learning as well as group work
  • requires thinking self-directed learning
  • is challenging and rigorous
  • encourages self-directed learning
  • requires research - gathering information from multiple sources and/or synthesizing learning
  • develops communication skills
  • includes innovative products and performances
  • encourages creativity
  • involves students in evaluation and reflection about their work
  • allows connections across time, disciplines and cultures

GT LEAD learning experiences are aligned to The Parallel Curriculum Model (PCM).  PCM utilizes the following four elements to maximize rigor, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and collaboration:

  • The relationships among knowledge
  • The applications of facts, concepts, principles, skills, and methods as scholars, researchers, developers, or practitioners
  • Developing students’ interests and expertise, strengths, values, and character

The PCM developed for GCISD's elementary GT classes meets the Performance Standards for Gifted Education set by Texas Education Association.

  • Students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning and thinking, research and communication
  • Students will produce products and performances of professional quality
  • Each student will self-assess and peer assess