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Portrait of a Graduate

Using LEAD 2021 as a guide, GCISD developed the District's "Portrait of a Graduate" which is used as a measure of District and student success. GCISD's Portrait of a Graduate features five characteristics. Expand each characteristic for more information, including videos featuring students and local business leaders.

Collaborative Workers

  • Build relationships
  • Work toward common goal
  • Respect diversity
  • Able to disagree respectfully

    Effective Communicators

  • Understand and respond to a variety of audiences
  • Build relationships and consensus, collaborate and find compromise
  • Ability to engage in meaningful 2-way discussions

    Global Citizens

  • Local, national and global
  • Promote/seek language learning
  • Engage in community
  • Traveled (physically or digitally)

    Self-Regulated Learners

  • Own their learning and responsible for achievement
  • Goal-directed and responsible for their effort
  • Proactively seek out information and mastery

    Skilled Problem Solvers

  • See problems from multiple perspectives
  • Set goals, create plans and ask effective questions
  • Create multiple pathways to solutions