Twins Named iU Prep Valedictorians
Posted on 05/26/2023
Twin sisters Carina and Carissa Holguin knew that they had the potential to be ranked high within their graduating class, but when they were told they were both going to be valedictorians for iUniversity Prep’s Class of 2023, they recall that they were beyond excited.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Carissa stated, while Carina said, “my sister and I were more shocked than anything,” adding that “our mom was probably the most excited out of all of us.”

Principal Desiree Weiche remarked that “we tripled and quadrupled checked several times to make sure everything was correct and it was.”

Both Carina and Carissa shared that they were humbled to learn of the honor.

“We knew how competitive and smart everyone else in our class is so we were never truly sure where we stood. I can definitely say it was a shock when we found out we were tied for valedictorian,” Carina stated.

This isn’t the only time the twins have been shocked by an academic similarity.

Carissa shared that when they tested for the district’s Gifted and Talented program, they both received the same score and missed the same exact questions.

“It was crazy!” she recalled.

After they graduate, the two will take different life paths to start. Carina is attending Louisiana State University, while Carissa is going to the Air Force Academy.

“Even though our paths are diverging, I know that we are both going to excel,” Carina added.

For Carissa, sharing the valedictorian honor at graduation and “creating a core memory with my best friend is what will be most memorable before we start our separate journeys.”

iUniversity Prep, which was named the 2023 Best Online High School in Texas and number five in America, will hold its graduation ceremony Saturday, June 3.