GCISD Board of Trustees Approves Raises for Staff
Posted on 08/24/2021

During the August 23 GCISD Board of Trustees meeting, Trustees approved providing a pay increase of at least $600 to staff on the teacher pay structure, which includes teachers, nurses and librarians. This raise will bring teachers to the 2020-2021 market median. This increase is in addition to the raise that was provided to all employees in June 2021. 

At the June 2021 regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting, Trustees approved a pay increase to all employees of at least 2% of the midpoint of their pay grade. The recommendation also included a provision that the amount of the increase for returning teachers, librarians and nurses would not be less than $1,250. This is the sixth consecutive year that Trustees have provided a raise to GCISD staff.

“The past school year was challenging for everyone, but no one more so than our teachers,” said Dr. Robin Ryan. “We have always known the value of teachers, but it really felt like a collective wave of appreciation swept the nation as dinner tables and kitchens suddenly became classrooms. The additional raise from the Board demonstrates the continued level of appreciation from our community.”

Information regarding compensation adjustments dating back to 2013 provided by the GCISD Board of Trustees may be found here