A Message from the Board President
Posted on 08/06/2021

A Message from the Board President

During each GCISD board meeting, the open forum portion is an opportunity for any member of the community to address the Board. At the July 26 Board meeting, the speaker who referenced Dr. Whitfield by name was in direct violation of the board operating procedures and was interrupted and reminded of this twice during his allotted three minutes.

While I and many others, including several district administrators, reached out to Dr. Whitfield personally after the meeting, it is important that as the Presiding Officer of the Board I acknowledge that I regret what happened at the July 26 meeting. In GCISD, we value all of our employees and I do not condone the misuse of open forum for the airing of personal grievances against our staff. Furthermore, I will not allow these violations to happen at future board meetings. 

Jorge Rodríguez
GCISD School Board President