Bring Your Own Device

Beginning in August 2022, personal PC or MacBook laptops will no longer be able to connect to the internet while on a GCISD campus. This means that students will need to use a district-issued device while on campus.District-issued devices are already required during standardized state testing, but will now be required at all times when using the internet on a GCISD campus.

Prior to the start of the 2022-2023 school year, all GCISD students who do not already have a district-issued device will be given one at a designated time on their campus.

Although personal laptops and tablets will no longer be able to connect, personal cell phones will still be able to connect to the “GCISD BYOD Guest Wireless” Wi-Fi network. Any questions or concerns regarding this change can be directed to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of device will be issued? What are the quality of these devices?
All devices are designed for instructional use and with battery ability of a school day when charged overnight. Below is a list of devices (click for specifications) that are issued to each grade level.
  - Pre-K through 2nd grade: Apple iPad
  - 3rd-grade through 8th-grade: Dell 3100 2-in-1 Chromebook
  - 9th-grade through 12th-grade: Dell 3310 2-in-1 Laptop

If my device breaks am I allowed to bring my own?
If a device breaks, students can put in a help desk ticket. A technician will be assigned to evaluate the district device. If the repair will take away from instructional time, a loaner will be provided until the student device is repaired. GCISD can not provide technical support to personal devices.

The district devices and network sometimes limit my child's access to things they need. Can they use a personal wireless hotspot to access content that may be blocked?
Students are not allowed to use personal hotspots for connectivity. All GCISD facilities have full Wi-Fi coverage. Typically, students want to use hotspots to avoid the required internet filters so they can access non-educational content during class. 

If a student can’t access content needed for an educational purpose, they should submit a help desk ticket. The district has the ability to open any needed website for educational purposes and adjust Wi-Fi in any area as needed. 

Can students use their own personal devices if they have downloaded school software?
Students can use their own devices at home, but will be required to use the district-issued device while on campus. This will ensure optimal instruction time and that district resources are always readily available. In addition, all district-issued devices have updated security software to keep our network safe.  

Can visitors (Volunteers, PTA, etc.) connect personal laptops to the GCISD wireless network?
The GCISD technology services team is working on new procedures to connect devices in a safe and secure way for after-school activities and presenter needs. Those procedures will be communicated with groups when they visit campuses.

What funds are being used to purchase the equipment? 
Funds were designated in the 2016 Bond program for student one-to-one devices. No additional funding is needed or being spent as a device for every GCISD student has already been allocated.

As a parent how will I be able to monitor my child’s device and internet activity? I currently have our own program installed on personal devices that our child uses.
GCISD works with  parents to help students become good digital citizens. One of the ways we do this is with the Lightspeed Parent Portal. Parents get weekly emails about their child's internet activity and have the ability to pause the internet on district devices after school hours.  

Policy Prior to 2022-2023

If a student prefers to bring their own device instead of being issued a district laptop, they may do so after the BYOD Responsible Use Guidelines has been completed and submitted to the campus. (Traer Su Propio Dispositivo Normas para el Uso Responsable). The device must a phone that can be used for productivity. Personal devices must be connected to the district BYOD network. GCISD is unable to support personal devices that may have technical issues. Using a district-issued device ensures access to all district resources and supportability.