Security and Emergency Management Staff

Allen Smith - Director of Emergency Management and School Security

Ruben Aldaz - Security Systems Engineer

Megan Valerio - Administrative Assistant

Allen Smith

Allen Smith is the Director of Emergency Management and School Security. He came to GCISD with twenty-five years of experience as a police officer with the last fifteen as a School Resource Officer. As part of his role, the GCISD Board of Trustees authorized him to be armed while on District property. He is responsible for the security and emergency preparedness of all GCISD campuses and works closely with the administrative staff of each campus. He also works closely with campus School Resource Officers and local police partners to build the relationships necessary for strong and effective cooperation. For example, local police use the District’s schools for tactical training. This continues to familiarize them with each school and how best to respond to emergency situations.

Ruben Aldaz is the Security Systems Engineer. With his technical knowledge and expertise, he routinely updates and upgrades video cameras, coordinated the project to upgrade all video servers, trains personnel on use of door access and video doorbell systems.