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Student-Parent Reunification Handout (Spanish)

GCISD is committed to providing a safe learning environment for your children, even in unpredictable circumstances. The district implements security protocols at every school and facility and we conduct regular safety and security drills to best prepare our students and staff members for potential emergencies. From weather concerns to potential school security situations, we have a plan in place to keep your children safe.

What We Do
GCISD follows a standard response protocol for emergency situations, developed for our district and based on nationally-recognized practices. We also partner with local emergency groups and first responders as we continually work to provide safe educational environments for students, staff and visitors to our facilities.

The district has implemented a GCISD Emergency Response Protocol (Spanish) for students and staff across the district. The protocol includes five different procedures:

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Secure is called when there is a threat or hazard outside of the school building. Students and staff will return to inside the building and conduct business as usual. Exterior doors will be locked and visitors will not be granted access to the school.

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Lockdown is called when there is a threat or hazard inside of the school building. Students and staff will move away from sight and maintain silence until first responders open their door. Classroom and building doors will be locked and visitors will not be granted access to the school.

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Shelter is called when the need for personal protection is necessary, such as in the case of a tornado or severe weather event.

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Evacuate is called to move students and staff from one location to another. We also practice reverse evacuations.

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Hold In Your Classroom is called when the hallways need to be kept clear, even during class changes. Students and staff will remain in your classroom and continue to conduct business as usual until an all clear is announced. Teachers will recover students and staff from hallways, close classroom door and take roll to account for students.

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Clear the Classroom is called when there is an emergency or a need for the classroom to be cleared. Students and teachers will clear the classroom immediately and relocate to their designated alternate location. 

GCISD has also implemented a sixth protocol: Clear the Classroom. Clear the Classroom is called when students need to be moved from their classroom to another location in the school. Students are escorted to a temporary location and continue class activities. 

Information posters about this protocol are posted around campus and district facilities, and our students and staff continually practice drills for each emergency scenario in order to be best prepared in these situations.

A reminder for parents: When emergency protocols are activated, parents should not come to the school. Doors may be locked and staff will be focused on the safety and accountability of all students. GCISD will provide parents with instructions on when and where to pick up students. Review our Student-Parent Reunification Handout< (Spanish) handout for more details.

Daily Safety Measures
Currently, GCISD implements several safety and security measures within our district and schools. These include:

  • Emergency management teams, which include city officials and emergency responders
  • Emergency plans that reflect multiple scenarios and are reviewed annually
  • Ongoing coordination with city officials and emergency responders
  • Regular safety and security drills
  • Cameras
  • Request to enter door systems
  • Managed ID badge access to schools for employees
  • Visitor identification and screening procedures, which include a requirement for visitor ID badges to be worn at all times while in our buildings
  • Regular training in security procedures and best practices for all staff and students

Partnership: "I Love U Guys" Foundation
The "I Love U Guys" Foundation was created as a result of the 2006 attack on Canyon High School where Emily Keyes, one student hostage turned tragic victim, sent a text to her parents with a message stating "I Love U Guys." The Foundation, in Emily's spirit, works to restore and protect the joy of youth through educational programs and positive actions in collaboration with families, schools, communities, organizations and government entities. 

GCISD has partnered with the "I Love U Guys" Foundation, implementing its resources and guidance to our district's emergency procedures and protocols. For more information about the foundation, visit their website at

Security/ Emergency Management Team

Director of Emergency Management and School Security
Allen Smith

Security Systems Engineer
Ruben Aldaz

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Emergency Management and School Security and to the Director of Risk Management
Megan Valerio