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A-Z Index This link provides an index to all TEA links.
TAKS Released Tests This link provides quick access to released TAKS™,  tests, SDAA, RTPE, TAAS™,  and EOC.
TAKS Raw Score Conversion Charts This link provides conversions between Scale Score and Raw Score.
 STAAR Mathematics Resources This link includes references materials, graph paper, and griddable item formatWhen printing Math TAKS charts, follow directions provided on this website in order to ensure the accuracy of the rulers.
Mathematics TEKS Download the Mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for grades K-12. The TEKS outline the mathematics objectives taught at each grade level.
TEA Testing Calendar  This provides a calendar of all State mandated testing.
End of Course Implementation Schedule  This provides an explanation of the End of Course Implementation Schedule.  The End of Course assessments will begin and be part of the graduation requirements beginning with the freshman class of 2011-2012.
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: This site provides web-based manipulatives to support the K-8 program. The manipulatives are organized by mathematical strand.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: This section contains articles, general information as well as a problem of the week.
Mathematics TEKS Toolkit: A website hosted by the University of Texas Dana Center designed to provide Resources for implementing the mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and for improving mathematics programs in Texas
Illuminations:  A collection of web-based resources to teach mathematics.
TMSDS This link provides a resource teachers may use to in grades 3-8, Algebra1, Geometry, and Algebra II. There are 3 diagnostic tests available for each grade level (30 questions each),  5-question mini-assessments available for most student expectations for each grade level and the resource to create diagnostic tests from a bank of questions.  (Password required)
Region IV Math Benchmarks  This site contains assessment items and student work that demonstrates sample responses to assessment items.  (Password required)
Understanding Math This link provides support which can used in conjunction with the Understanding Math software. These activities provide an important off-computer component to learning.
How to Make the Most of Math Manipulatives  This link provides helpful information from Marilyn Burns for how to best fit manipulatives into instruction.
PBS Cyberchase Math based interactive games

NCTM  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
TCTM   Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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