Pay for Participation

GCISD high school students involved in band, choir, cheerleading, drill team or athletics are required to pay to participate in these activities. The fee structure for Pay for Participation is as follows for high school students:

  • $100 - baseball, basketball, football, golf, gymnastics, softball, swimming, tennis and track
  • $75 - band, cheerleading, cross country, soccer, volleyball and wrestling
  • $50 - choir, drill team
  • $50 - water polo

No family will pay more than $300 per school year and no individual student will pay more than $100 for the year.

Pay of Participation fees will be collected at registration, along with other fees. Checks should be made payable to GCISD and given to the administrative assistant at the student's school.

(In addition to the Pay for Participation fees, there may be other fees for some classes, such as art, career & technology, which will also be collected at registration. Check middle school and/or high school websites prior to registration for details.) 

Fees can be paid online through the Skyward Family Access system.