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ASPIRE Academy Referral Process

ASPIRE Academy is designed to meet the academic and affective needs of highly gifted students within the GCISD population, as well as residents of Grapevine and Colleyville. Academically, these highly gifted students require significant curricular modifications in the classroom environment. Due to their asynchronous development, they may also require more focused, explicit support to ensure their social and emotional well-being. Students with these needs typically score in the 99th percentile in one or more domains on a nationally normed aptitude test and also demonstrate remarkable, consistent ability in qualitative and/or quantitative domains.

Step 1: Submit a Referral

Referrals will be accepted online between designated dates. Only completed applications will be accepted.

Step 2: Additional Data Collection

Additional data will be collected as needed for committee review. Once all data has been collected, a District ASPIRE Placement Committee will carefully review and discuss each child's data.  This process takes several months.

Step 3: Parent Notification

The committee decision regarding placement will be communicated in writing to the parent/guardian. Students who have met the district criteria for the ASPIRE Academy will then receive an “Intent to Attend” electronic notification which must be returned in a timely matter to secure a spot in the Academy.