Title I, Part A: Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Education Agencies

Title I, Part A provides supplemental resources to schools with higher concentrations of students identified as Economicially Disadvantaged in order to ensure all students are provided opportunities to meet challenging State academic standards.

Every district that receives Title I, Part A funding is responsible for disseminating the state, district, and campus Federal Report Cards which can be found on TEA's Federal Report Card page.

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GCISD 2016-17 Federal Report Card

GCISD Elementary Schools 2016-17 Federal Report Cards

GCISD Middle Schools 2016-17 Federal Report Cards

GCISD High Schools 2016-17 Federal Report Cards

GCISD Alternative Campus 2016-17 Federal Report Card

Title II, Part A: Supporting Effective Instruction

Title II, Part A provides supplemental resources to schools and districts to increase student academic achievement through improving teacher and principal quality and by increasing the number of effective teachers in classrooms and principals in schools. Specifically, the activities should have a substantial, measureable, and positive impact on student academic achievement and be a part of a broader strategy to eliminate achievement gaps.

Title III, Part A: English Language Acquistion, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement

Title III, Part A provides supplemental resources to districts to help ensure that students who are English Language Learners are attaining English proficiency at high levels in academic subjects and can meet state academic performance standards.

Title IV, Part A, Subpart 1: Student Support and Academic Enrichment

Title IV, Part A, Subpart 1 are designed to improve the academic achievement of all students by increasing the district's capacity to (1) provide all students with a well-rounded education, (2) improve school conditions for student learning, (3) improve the use of technology in order to enhance academic outcomes and digital literacy of all students.

Distrito Escolar Independiente de Grapevine-Colleyville Plan de Mejora del Distrito 2018-2019
Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District Improvement Plan 2018-19