Summer Camps

Annually, District varsity high school head coaches and sponsors are permitted to conduct a fee-based camp in their primary sport or event and the District’s camp fee schedule shall apply. All camp requests shall be subject to board policy and UIL regulations and must be approved by the Executive Director of Athletics.


Flyers for your programs must include the following:

 -Registration fees

 -Participation Fees

 -Instructions on payment

 -Disclaimer stating GCISD is not responsible for the contents of this flyer, nor does GCISD endorse any products and/or services referenced in this flyer. The disclaimer must be in at least 12 point font, bold print, undelined and conspicuous so that it is not missed.

 -Release of Liability Statement releasing the District from liability for personal injury and/or damages to personal property [refer to GKD(Local), page 7: RELEASE OF LIABILITY]. 


Release of Liability: I understand that GCISD is released from all liability for personal injury and/or damages to personal property associated with this camp. 

- Signature line for the release of liability statement

All flyers must be approved by Operational Services and the Executive Director of Administration before distribution. Please refer to the rules on distribution of literature.

Employee Wellness

The District allows employees to use certain facility areas in support of their physical and overall well-being. Please visit the Employee Wellness regulation for details.