All Programming Options

Below is a comprehensive list of all unique learning opportunities in GCISD. Although an entry process is available for each opportunity, it is important to remember that the only way to be guaranteed attendance at a particular GCISD campus is to reside in that campus' attendance zone.

Multidisciplinary Schools

Students in all GCISD schools enjoy rich experiences in core content areas - Mathematics, Science, Langauge Arts, and Social Studies - as well as in fine arts, athletics/physical education, and much more. During the district's work toward the goals of the LEAD 2021 strategic plan, every school's Campus Excellence Committee (comprised of campus administration, teachers, and parents) worked together to determine areas of emphasis that might suit their school community. In some cases, this led schools to pursue a specific area of emphasis - such as STEM, Arts Integration, etc. In other cases, schools opted to focus on the multi-faceted, rich experiences that meet a wide variety of students' needs.

Students in these multidisciplinary schools enjoy many of the same benefits of the schools with a specific focus, but the campus is providing a broader set of options for students. For example, one multidisciplinary campus holds weekly clubs for students during the school day in which they can self-select into specialized classes in engineering design, musical instrument lessons, LEGO construction, reading of graphic novels, or other interest-based options. On another multidisciplinary campus, students are actively exploring career options (including mentors by professionals in the field) across a wide variety of fields that are of interest to them.


Every GCISD campus offers numerous opportunities for students:

Elementary Secondary
- Math
- Science
- Social Studies
- Language Arts
- Special Education
- Dyslexia Intervention
- Math Telescoping Opportunities
- Clubs
- Art Education
- Music Education
- Physical Education
- Learning Commons (Library) Opportunities
- Math
- Science
- Social Studies
- Language Arts
- Special Education
- Gifted Education through Humanities courses
- Dyslexia Intervention
- Math Telescoping Opportunities
- Fine Arts Electives
- Career and Technical Education Electives including Computer Science courses
- Athletics
- Learning Commons (Library) Opportunities
- Clubs

Career & Technical Education

The GCISD Career and Technical Education program is a comprehensive program that gives students the opportunity to excel and advance their skills and knowledge to be prepared for post-secondary endeavors through a rigorous curriculum, relevant experiences and lasting relationships.


Grades: 6-12
Campuses: All middle and high school campuses
Entry Process: All GCISD students are eligible.

A Career and Technical Education student is...
- A leader of tomorrow - today.
- Prepared for postsecondary pathway of choice.
- Given the option for industry-based certifications and skill sets leading to employability and preparation for post-secondary education.

Arts Integration

Using the arts to leverage learning in all subject areas through arts integration.  “Arts integration is an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both." - The Kennedy Center.  


Grades: Pre-K - 5
Campuses: Bransford Elementary
Entry Process: Transfer Process

An Arts Integration student is...
- engaged in learning through the creative process.
- developing effective communication skills.
- learning how to be a skilled problem solver and think critically.
- collaborative with others.
- able to employ different lenses.

ASPIRE Academy

The ASPIRE Academy is committed to serving the unique needs of highly gifted students by providing a culture where learners engage in rigorous and meaningful learning experiences that empower them to take risks, pursue passions, and make a positive impact on the world.


Grades: 1-12
Campuses: Glenhope Elementary, Cross Timbers Middle, Grapevine High
Entry Process: Qualifications

An ASPIRE Academy student...
- is a highly gifted student who demonstrates an academic need for differentiated learning experiences.
- would benefit from being in classes with peers who have similar intellectual abilities and social/emotional needs.


AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an elective course and school-wide support system designed to prepare students for college success. AVID has a proven track record nationwide for both bringing out the very best in individuals and ensuring that they are eligible and ready to enter a four-year college or university after high school graduation. The AVID elective is designed for students in the academic middle who have the desire and determination to take high-level courses with support. 


Grades: 6-12
Campuses: All middle schools, Colleyville Heritage High, Grapevine High
Entry Process: Application and Interview

An AVID student...
- is in the academic middle.
- has average to high test scores.
- has college potential with support.
- has desire and determination.

An AVID student may...
- desire academic challenge with support.
- be the first in their family to attend college.
- might be facing barriers to academic success
- have special circumstances in which support would be beneficial.
- benefit from support at school to become college-ready.

Collegiate Academy

GCISD Collegiate Academy at TCC Northeast is an Early College High School created in collaboration with GCISD and Tarrant County College Northeast, which offers GCISD students another pathway to college and career readiness. Early College High Schools blend high school and college curricula simultaneously to give students the opportunity to earn up to two years of college credit (60 hours) and an Associate Degree while attending high school and earning a high school diploma. Early College High Schools make higher education more accessible and help students become more comfortable in a higher education environment.


Grades: 9-12
Campuses: Collegiate Academy at Tarrant County College Northeast
Entry Process: Application Process

A Collegiate Academy student is...
- interested in getting two years of college at no cost.
- wants to graduate with a high school diploma and an associates degree.

Experience Design

Experience Design focuses on thematic instruction to engage students and build upon background knowledge, vocabulary, and information recall. Staff designs class lessons, activities, and campus-wide experiences around themes to allow students the capability to pull from these experiences when reading, writing, or learning about a subject. 


Grades: Pre-K - 5th
Campuses: Silver Lake Elementary
Entry Process: Transfer Process

A successful Experience Design student is...
- engaged in hands-on learning and is excited by novelty and surprise.
- exploring the world through various themes.
- learning curriculum by applying thematic instruction.
- collaborative with others.
- able to learn concepts through play and exploration.

iUniversity Prep

iUniversity Prep, a GCISD Virtual Academy, is a tuition-free, online public school. It is the highest performing virtual school in Texas and top virtual public school in the nation. Students at iUniversity Prep experience a rigorous and engaging education where student voice, flexibility and structure are balanced with no walls no bells learning.


Grades: 5-12
Campuses: iUnversity Prep
Entry Process: Acceptance is based on meeting eligibility requirements and available space

An iUniversity Prep student is...
- a strong reader with good reading comprehension skills.
- tech savvy.
- focused.
- a self-advocate.
- a good time manager.
- parent engagement is expected.

Leader in Me

The Leader in Me program empowers young people to make positive, effective, and responsible choices by introducing and reinforcing the 7 Habits, a set of leadership and life skills from Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


Grades: Pre-K - 5th
Campuses: Timberline Elementary
Entry Process: Transfer Process

A Leader in Me student is...
- a leader in their school.
- a leader in their family.
- a leader in their community.

Math Telescoping

Math telescoping is a local service offered in GCISD by which 1st grade and older students who qualify by telescoping testing in accordance with Board policy EHDC (Local) can enroll in mathematics courses above their enrolled grade level. Students currently enrolled in grades K through 7, who meet specific eligibility criteria, may register for acceleration examinations in math to advance beyond their enrolled grade level or course.


Grades: K-7
Campuses: All elementary and middle school campuses
Entry Process: Student must score 90% or higher on a Math Telescoping exam (Registration)

Is Math Telescoping Right for My Child?

A Math Telescoping student...
- exhibits process and critical thinking skills beyond the norm.
- exhibits mathematical skills beyond rote memorization or basic computation.
- deals well with change.
- enjoys being challenged.
- is comfortable working with students older than his/her age.
- is comfortable leaving his/her classroom/campus environment and entering a new classroom/campus.
- desires to be telescoped.
- is comfortable asking for help from the teacher when necessary.
- has strong academic behaviors, including organization, time
management, and collaboration with others.
- has a maturity level that would allow for him/her to be successful with the bove conditions/factors.

No Excuses University

No Excuses University schools believe that every student has a right to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. We discuss goals, have college conversations, and end our announcements each day with the phrase, "After high school comes college!".


Grades: Pre-K - 5
Campuses: Bear Creek Elementary
Entry Process: Transfer Process

A No Excuses University student has...
- a growth mindset.
- a strong sense of community.


GCISD Pre-K is a high-quality, full-day program serving four-year-old students across the District. Each classroom has a fully certified teacher and teaching assistant that provide developmentally appropriate instruction that is exciting and engaging for our students.


Age Requirement: Must be 4-years-old on or before September 1
Campuses: Bear Creek Elementary, Bransford Elementary, Colleyville Elementary, Dove Elementary, Grapevine Elementary, Heritage Elementary, O.C. Taylor Elementary, Silver Lake Elementary, Timberline Elementary
Entry Process: Qualifications (State-based) / Pre-K Lottery (Tuition-based)

A GCISD Pre-Kindergarten student is...
- excited about school.
- equipped with skills to help them be successful for years to come.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is a curricular program that integrates the concept of STEM across core content areas and electives where appropriate. Our program has a strong emphasis on engineering and design thinking.


Grades: K-12
Campuses: Cannon Elementary, Grapevine Middle, Grapevine High, Colleyville Heritage High
Entry Process: Transfer Process (transfers for the STEM program begin starting in 1st grade)

A GCISD STEM student...
- has a passion for math and science.
- can learn math and science at a fast pace.
- is interested in learning English and social studies through the lens of STEM.
- enjoys using technology.
- likes to solve problems and design new things.
- has thought about a possible future STEM career.
- enjoys working collaboratively in groups.