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GCISD's BEST Podcast

In GCISD, our mission is to be the best and we define that as Building Excellent Schools Together. We cannot accomplish this mission without really getting to know those who walk our hallways, work with our students, and influence lives on a daily basis. This podcast is an opportunity for you to learn more about GCISD’s best and brightest in the classroom, on our campuses, and behind the scenes in our great district.

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GCISD's Meeting Minutes

Every month, the GCISD Board of Trustees meets to consider recommendations, hear updates and discuss information that is important to the success of GCISD. While all meetings are streamed live on YouTube, we understand that not all parents, community members, or staff are able to watch a lengthy meeting.

In an effort to keep our community informed regarding the information presented and decisions made at the Board of Trustees monthly meetings, GCISD is launching the Meeting Minutes podcast. Join us the Wednesday after every Board meeting to keep up-to-date on what’s happening.