GCISD Slams the Competition at District Wrestling Meet
Posted on 02/11/2023
On Monday, February 6, Colleyville Heritage High School and Grapevine High School competed at the District 5-5A Wrestling Championship. GCISD won eight individual championships and 31 wrestlers qualified for the regional championship, held at Frisco Independence High School Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11.

Congratulations to the following teams and wrestlers who will advance to the 5A Region II Wrestling Championship.

Team Awards
GHS Boys - District 5-5A Runner Up

Individual Honors
Diego Fernandez (GHS) - Boys Outstanding Wrestler of the Year 2023
Ivory Truitt (GHS) - Girls Outstanding Wrestler of the Year 2023
Amanda Mckinney (CHHS) - Assistant Coach of the Year 2023

Individual Results
100 Lbs Division
Josie Johnston (CHHS Girls), 3rd Place

106 Lbs Division
Bryce Grassi (GHS Boys), 4th Place

107 Lbs Division
Ivory Truitt (GHS Girls), 1st Place
Allie Collins-Williams (CHHS Girls), 4th Place

113 Lbs Division
Kevin Contraras (GHS Boys), 1st Place

114 Lbs Division
Kaelei Neuliep (CHHS Girls), 4th Place

120 Lbs Division
Paxton Ulrich (CHHS Boys)
Gabriel Aldaco (GHS Boys), 1st Place
Emilie Gonzalez (GHS Girls), 1st Place

126 Lbs Division
Logan Vorchard (GHS Boys), 3rd Place
Jaiden Smith (GHS Girls), 1st Place

132 Lbs Division
Ledger Murillo (CHHS Boys), 5th Place
Rihanna Abas (CHHS Girls), 5th Place
Logan Pauken (GHS Boys), 2nd Place
Madilyn Samra (GHS Girls), 4th Place

138 Lbs Division
Simon Behrndt (CHHS Boys), 3rd Place
Beth Hounchell (CHHS Girls), 2nd Place
Louden Park (GHS Boys), 1st Place

144 Lbs Division
Eli Slivinsky (CHHS Boys), 4th Place
Diego Fernandez (GHS Boys), 1st Place

145 Lbs Division
Alyssa Bouldin (CHHS Girls), 4th Place

150 Lbs Division
Ryan Wolter (GHS Boys), 5th Place

157 Lbs Division
Holden Dietrich (CHHS), 4th Place

165 Lbs Division
Garrett Hoke (GHS Boys), 2nd Place

175 Lbs Division
Derc Decker (CHHS Boys), 2nd Place
Alan Voelkle (GHS Boys), 4th Place

190 Lbs Division
Marcullus Duff (CHHS Boys), 5th Place

215 Lbs Division
Cooper Cyphers (CHHS Boys), 4th Place

235 Lbs Division
Angenlina Rahn (CHHS Girls), 3rd Place

285 Lbs Division
Travis Mason (GHS Boys), 2nd Place

**Not all students who competed have permission for information to be shared in GCISD communications. If your student's accomplishment was not listed and you would like their information added, please reach out to the Communications Department at [email protected]