Bridges Career Fair Teaches Students About Soft Skills Needed to Land Opportunities
Posted on 11/16/2022
Tables with college information staffed by university or college representatives are typically expected at high school career fairs. But the career fair held on November 9 at Bridges Accelerated Learning Center offered those college/university connections and much more for students. The event also focused on skills and tips needed to land jobs.

In one room, students could learn how to make good first impressions, including what attire is appropriate or not appropriate for an interview. In that same room, teacher Penney Huntzinger also talked with students about firm handshaking and why it’s important to avoid the “dead fish” handshake.

“It is a grip,” she said. “You are going to shake it one or two times firmly and don’t be doing this,” she added while making exaggerated handshaking gestures, which made students laugh.

Two doors down, theatre teacher Dana Naughton worked with students on how to project their voice with confidence. Further down the hall, teacher William Rivers was working with students on budgeting and the expenses that might require them to allocate money once they land their jobs. Down the hall, staff member Erin Johnson was talking with students about digital footprints.

There was even a classroom where a local business was providing headshots and sharing tricks on how to pose to appear one’s best in portraits.

In the school’s celebration room, community business people, district administrators and a school board member volunteered to spend time doing mock interviews.

Just like a traditional career fair, students also had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Tarrant County College and the University of North Texas, along with representatives from trade schools.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to think about how to prepare for next steps after high school,” said Principal Dr. Jessica Jones. “Whether they want to go into a career or to college, it gives students the opportunity to gain more knowledge about what’s out there.”

She said that this was the first time the event had been held in two years, due to COVID, and given how well it was received by students, staff and volunteers, she hopes to offer it multiple times during the school year.