Colleyville Heritage High School Hosts its Ninth Annual Color Run
Posted on 11/09/2022
Running to the finish line, students wearing yellow and white shirts finish their 5k run with pride and joy as they have done their part in the effort to combat and rally support for organizations like Operation Underground Railroad. This non-profit organization fights human trafficking while raising awareness and funds to rescue victims all around the world.

Matt Osborne, the Director of Global Operations for Operation Underground Railroad, urges students, teachers, and staff to post on social media about groups like Operation Underground Railroad and others who are out there, educate on resources and on what you can do to protect yourself online, be careful at malls, movie theaters, and other places, and having human trafficking awareness courses in class.

Osborne applauds the Panthers that have continued to show up and support the cause for years.

“I am extremely impressed with the entire CHHS community, who have come together now for the 9th year for this event. This is the longest-running continuous fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad. CHHS students have raised over tens of thousands of dollars for rescues and it is just amazing to see the community come together. We hope this can continue for years to come.”

He’s not the only one. Many students who took initiative in running for the cause were pleased to know that support has grown for anti-human trafficking causes and applaud the GCISD community for showing up and donating.

“I think it's very great that everyone here just cares about it and everyone can bring together their human compassion to help these children and humans,” said Bethany Hounchell, a sophomore at CHHS.

Hounchell is one of the many volunteers who make the color run thrive year after year.

“I really think it is a great cause and I don’t think it's talked about enough since Dallas is the number two human trafficking hub in the country and it is such a big issue that everyone should know about,” she said.

Terry Kitzmiller, CHHS leadership teacher and one of the organizers of the color run, says that students, teachers, and staff should continue to support events like the color run, work with police departments and be educated and aware of your surroundings anywhere you go.

“Education basically is the answer to how we can get this taken care of,” says Kitzmiller.

To donate to the cause, visit

Article written by GCISD Communications Student Interns: Suhaib Abdi, Sofia Medlenka, and Mazen Selim