Algebra II / Pre-Calculus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is eligible to take the placement test for the blended Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus Advanced course?
A: The placement test is open to current Geometry Advanced students from GHS and CHHS, as well as any students who may still attend middle school in GCISD and meet criteria for entrance into the course.  Students who are taking Geometry Advanced and Algebra 2 Advanced concurrently are not eligible for enrollment.  This is NOT an open enrollment course.  A signed application, PSAT score, Algebra 1 EOC score, and placement test are required.

Q: When and where will the course be offered?
A: Where the course will be offered depends in part on the results of the placement test.  If there are more than a single section's worth of enrollment numbers of students identified by the placement test for this course, then the course will be offered both at Cross Timbers Middle School and either Grapevine High School or Colleyville Heritage High School.  If only a single section of enrollment is needed, then the course will only be offered at only one of the two high schools.  Shuttle service between the two high schools means that students from both high school campuses will have access to the course regardless of where it is taught.  In the case that a student will be enrolled in middle school and qualifies for the course, telescoping transportation will be provided as needed. 

Q: If the course is only offered at one high school, when will it be offered and what transportation will be provided?

A: The period of the day has not yet been determined for the course.  In the 2021-2022 school year, the course is meeting at Cross Timbers Middle during 4th period and at Grapevine High during 7th period.  

Regarding transportation, students who are currently still in middle school have in the past taken the course during the high school's scheduled 7th period, which is approximately the middle school's 5th and 6th periods.  Students take a GCISD-provided bus to the high school and back to their middle school.  High school students taking the course who regularly attend the other high school utilize the GCISD shuttle buses between the campuses to attend the course.  GCISD provides transportation both ways for courses that meet in the middle of the day and one way for courses that meet at the beginning or end of a school day.  Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, we were able to add a section of the course at CTMS to serve the needs of qualifying ASPIRE students.

Q: Depending on when in the school day the course is offered, coming to tutoring with their A2PC teacher could be an issue for students who do not attend other courses on that campus.  What are your plans to address this?
A: While it is possible that the course may not be offered at both high school campuses, there are wonderful teachers at either high school who teach Algebra 2 curriculum and who teach Precalculus curriculum.  We plan to have an agreement between the campuses that CHHS students enrolled in this course at GHS could seek tutoring from CHHS teachers even though they are not the students' teacher of record and vice versa.


Q: How will the homework load for the course compare to a usual Algebra 2 Advanced course?
A: We anticipate that the homework load will not be any more lengthy and that the problems are likely to be more rich, drawn more from the applications of Algebra 2 in Precalculus than from the Algebra 2 curriculum.


Q: Let's say I/my student do qualify for and take this course option.  What happens for the remainder of their time in high school?
A: For example, let us take a student who will be a freshman in 2022-2023.  This student takes the Algebra 2/Precal Advanced blended course.  As a sophomore in 2023-2024, the student would be eligible to take AP Calculus AB.  As a junior in 2024-2025, the student would then take AP Calculus BC.  As a senior in 2025-2026, students could take AP Statistics or AP Computer Science A if they have not already done so.  There is also an "independent study" option taught in high school with topics like multivariate calculus and differential equations.  Students who meet criteria for the course who are sophomores or juniors would naturally have fewer choices for successive mathematics courses but would follow the course sequence described above.


Q: Can students who qualify for and take this course option take the credit by exam (CBE) for Precalculus?
A: Yes, this is possible.  The GCISD Assessment Department has four CBE windows during the year.  If your student desires course credit for Precalculus in addition to the credit for Algebra 2 that he or she will gain through successful completion of this course option, then it is recommended that the student take the CBE for Precalculus during the earliest CBE window in the summer after the blended Algebra 2/Precalculus Advanced course is completed.  Please note that state law dictates that students may only have 2 opportunities to take the same CBE, so there are a limited number of attempts possible.


Q: Do CBE scores count toward a student's GPA (grade point average)?
A: In accordance with Board policy EIC(LOCAL), "The calculation of class rank shall exclude grades earned ... [t]hrough credit by examination, with or without prior instruction".