Junior Planning Calendar

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  • Establish your own personal e-mail account if you do not have one already
  • Initiate/refine/update list of abilities, personal qualities and accomplishments for your resume
  • Initiate/update your list of things you may want to study and do in college


  • ACT/SAT College Entrance Exams-Have you taken your official exam?
    • It is recommended (not required) that you take both the ACT and SAT exams at least once to determine which test is your preference. Once decided, focus on improving that score.  Either score is accepted by all colleges
    • Recommended 3 times to improve your results
    • It is not necessary to have your results before your college applications are submitted  
    • Some schools require SAT Subject Tests (best taken soon after completion of the corresponding course)

College Visits

  • Research colleges of interest and make note of early admissions dates
  • Request information as soon as possible from your list of colleges
  • Plan your college visit dates.  You are allowed 2 your Junior year
  • Many colleges have designated Junior Visit Days
    • Junior and Senior visitation dates are listed on the college websites
    • Most require registration and fill quickly
    • These offer the most realistic idea of what the school is about


  • Make your appointment for your Junior consultation at the Go Center
  • Take your ACT and/or SAT as mentioned above
  • Research your options for summer ACT/SAT prep courses to help you improve your exams if necessary
    • There are numerous test prep agencies in the area, please see your counselors or the Go Center for more information
    • Search online for free test prep through ACT.org or Collegeboard.org
  • Request an official and an unofficial copy of your transcript
    • Not mandatory but suggested, having official transcripts on hand in case you need to send out immediately over the summer.
  • Recommendation letters
    • Check the requirements for each school you are applying to
    • For Counselor Recommendations:  Complete the questionnaire on the counseling website and contact your counselor
    • For Teacher Recommendations:  Check with your individual teachers
  • Resumes
    • Visit the Go Center for assistance with your resumes
    • You should have one completed and ready to go by the end of your Junior year, so you can submit it when requesting recommendation letters, add to it as you progress into your Senior year, and have it ready for submission with applications where applicable


  • Many colleges open enrollment as early as July 1st and all colleges are open August 1st.  have early admissions deadlines by November 1st.
    • Research colleges of interest and make note of early admission dates
    • Create a master calendar to include:  Application, Financial Aid, and Scholarship deadlines
    • Make a general file to manage your college search, testing information and college considerations and plans
    • Request information as soon as possible from your colleges of choice
    • Accomplish as much as possible during summer up to and including submission of college apps before school starts especially if you have extra-curricular activities that consume your time during the Fall
    • Submission of early applications provides you more possibilities of being accepted at your preferred college/colleges of choice and avoids the pressure and possibility of missing deadlines
    • Most schools accept the Apply Texas or Common App, however, check the college website
    • Many colleges have designated Junior specific visit dates and Pre-College Summer Programs
      • Dates for these should be listed on the college website
      • Most require registration and fill quickly
  • Begin your scholarship search now
    • It is never too early to apply for scholarships
    • Numerous scholarships expire in the early fall of your Senior year
    • Review the Scholarship page on the GCISD website - New scholarships are added frequently
    • Sign up for scholarship search engines
    • For more information about scholarships, visit the Go Center
  • Essays
    • Review essay topics listed for each school as soon as possible and begin working on them
    • Essay prompts are posted on Apply Texas and Common App year round.
    • Have your essays reviewed with plenty of time