One to One FAQs

What type of device will my student receive?
Every student in GCISD receives a device free of charge!  Grades K- 4 students have iPads. Grade 5- 8 students have Dell Chrome Books. Grades 9-12 have Dell laptops with Windows 10.

Can I adjust the screen light levels on iPads?
Night Shift automatically adjusts the colors of your display to the warmer end of the spectrum—making the display easier on your eyes.  Here is how to turn on or modify this setting for iPads

Devices Needing Repair:

If your student device is in need of physical repair please call the help desk at 817-251-5529 to schedule an appointment for device drop off. 

What do I do if my device is Stolen:

If your students' device is stolen please contact the local police immediately to make a report. 
After you have a police report number please call the GCISD Help Desk at 817-251-5529 and provide the appropriate information.

Are students allowed to bring their own device instead of using a district-issued device?
If a student prefers to bring their own device instead of being issued a district laptop, they may do so. The device must be a laptop or Chromebook that can be used for productivity. Phones, eReaders, iPads and other tablets are still permitted as supplemental devices, but should not be used as the primary device. Parents/Students must sign and return the BYOD Responsible Use Policy prior to bringing their device to school. Personal devices may connect to the district BYOD network. GCISD is unable to support personal devices that may have technical issues. Keep in mind that a district-issued device ensures access to all district resources and supportability.

Can my student take the device home? 

Yes! There is a device user agreement required. Students may take the device home every evening including weekends, holidays and over the summer.

Will the device follow the student from year-to-year?
Yes, the device will be assigned to the student and will remain with them as long as they are enrolled in GCISD schools.

What will you teach my child about Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship?
We will incorporate the appropriate grade level digital literacy curriculum provided by Common Sense Media.

Is there an Internet filter in place?

Internet access is filtered based on the wireless network the device is accessing. When the laptop is at school, it is connected to GCISD's wireless network which offers to filter in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act. We have also implemented "at home" Internet filtering. But please remember that no filter is 100%. Please always monitor your children. We encourage you to have them use their devices in family rooms and not in the privacy of their own rooms.

What are the fees if the device gets damaged?

This is outlined in the required device user agreement.

Will there be places to charge the device on campus?
Students are asked to charge their device at home every night. There will be charging stations throughout the campus and power plugs available in classrooms that may be used as needed.

What if the student leaves their device at home?
Students are expected to bring their laptop daily to use as a tool for productivity and creativity. The 1:1 model allocates a device for every student. GCISD teachers design work that requires the use of technology on a daily basis. The same campus procedures that are currently in place for forgotten supplies, textbooks and homework will be followed.