Inter-library loans allow students and teachers to borrow items at other campuses. Neither students nor teachers can request the materials themselves. They will need to have their campus librarian request the materials. The lending librarian has full discretion to approve or deny ILL requests based on the need of the material at their own campus.

Teacher Requests

The requesting librarian will send an email to the librarians that have the requested material. Make sure to include the teacher's name so the lending libraries can check it out to the teacher prior to sending it through interoffice mail.

Student Requests

If a student has requested a book that is located at a school level that is above theirs (elementary student requesting a middle school book; middle school student requesting a high school book), due diligence must be done to verify that the book is appropriate for that student. This includes:

  • Reading reviews on the book to learn about the content contained within
  • Reviewing learning focus, library classification, and common genre and topics tags
  • Conferring with librarians that have the book in their collection
  • Obtaining parent permission in writing that the student may check out the book (provide all information that has been gathered about the book)

If all four are satisfied, then the borrowing librarian can start the process to borrow the book through inter-library loans in the catalog system. The librarian always has the choice of recommending the student and their parent/guardian visit the local public library to check out materials that may not be available in their school library, or any of the campus libraries in the district.