Cannon Students Get Creative with Cardboard City
Posted on 03/07/2022

Contributions by: Emma Johnson, GCISD Communications Intern

Students at Cannon Elementary took their Book of the Month reading initiative to the next level earlier this semester when they read “Roxaboxen” by Alice McLerran, a story in which neighborhood kids turn a barren field into a town with nothing but rocks and their imaginations. 

After reading the story, Cannon students used their inspiration and imaginations to turn their Learning Commons into a Cardboard City. Complete with replicas of Mustang Panther Stadium, Great Wolf Lodge and much more, students created various buildings and objects with their families as they combined their love for reading and STEM to create a miniature version of Grapevine. 

Each grade level was tasked with creating a different aspect of the city. From Kindergarten students making structures related to city safety to fifth-grade students creating those related to transportation, the entire campus came together to create the breathtaking display. Fourth and fifth-grade students were even encouraged to add moving parts to their designs.

After the city was complete, each class visited the Learning Commons to check out the finished product and to interact with the city and use it in their daily lessons.

"This project is cool because it took a lot of engineering and everything is made of recycled materials,” said fourth-grade student Kenton whose hotel featured moving doors and lights powered by solar panels. 

Check out photos from the Cardboard City below.