Workers' Compensation Program Information

If you believe you have sustained a work related injury/exposure, notify your supervisor immediately.  Your supervisor will ask you to complete the Employee Injury Report Form.  This form can be downloaded below.  Directions on how to complete the forms are listed at the top of each form.  Your supervisor will notify Operational Services, 817-251-5561, immediately that an injury/exposure has occurred. 
For more information, and assistance, please visit:
For additional questions, please contact Leslie Krawetzke at 817-251-5561 or by email, [email protected].
If you need to contact our workers' compensation administrator, please contact:

Adjuster:  Donna Smith 
P.O. Box 14512
Lexington, KY 40512-4512
800-581-1307, ext. 13222
or direct to 702-727-2178 

[email protected]