Students Skype with Olympic Commentator Lewis Johnson
On Wednesday, students at Glenhope Elementary skyped with NBC Olympic commentator Lewis Johnson at the base of the bobsled track for the 2018 Olympics. With a 15-hour time difference, the students said 'good morning' as Johnson was getting ready to say 'good night' from PyeongChang, South Korea. The Skype session with Johnson took place due to a connection with Glenhope Elementary Learning Liaison Jeanette Fink.

"We are always looking for ways to make global connections as it aligns with our district goals of developing Global Citizens," said Fink. "We also had another connection to the Olympics as a former Grapevine High School student is interning with NBC in PyeongChang!"

Second-grade teachers designed lessons that connected growth mindset using Olympic athletes as exemplars. Students focused on setting goals, teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance as part of the lesson.

Some of the questions students asked included:

How long have you been reporting for the Olympics?
How many athletes do you talk to in a day?
Who is the most famous Olympian you have ever met?
How are they making the Luge, Bobsled and Skeleton racing as safe as possible?
What is your favorite food in South Korea?