Parent Tech Coming soon to GCISD Parent Technology Academy!
 device free

GCISD Parent Technology Academy started in 2017 as a way to help educate the GCISD community on the rapidly evolving world of technology in which their students are living. Through monthly sessions covering topics of “internet safety” to “apps parents need to know” the Parent technology academy has reached over 700 families in just one year.

This school year GCISD is working on bring the experience to a restaurant located within GCISD boundaries. Monthly a pop-up Device Free Dinner challenge will be issued to GCISD families.  The pop-event announcement will list a site and time for the event to occur.

The challenge will be limited to 10 families per event. *

 At each event, the family will receive instructions on how to complete the challenge for the night and their device lock inside the box (as pictured to the right).  The lockbox will then be placed on their table with conversation cards displayed on the top to help assist or guide families to some fun dinner conversations.

At the conclusion of dinner, if the challenge completed, the box is unlocked, and the family will receive a gift card towards their dinner purchase for that night!
 device box

In GCISD we understand the importance of balancing technology usage, with our device free challenge we hope to spread the word and bring family time back to dinner time across GCISD.

If your local restaurant would like to be apart of the GCISD device free Dinner Challenge check out our how to sponsor document here