HotSpot Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I turn on my hotspot?
Using the picture above, locate the power switch and slide to “on” position.

How do I charge my hotspot?
Using the picture above, locate the charger/USB port. Using the cord and power source found in the bottom of your box, plug the hotspot into the wall. Alternatively, you can plug the USB cord into a computer that is turned on to charge your hotspot. 

My hotspot is really slow or is not working at all. What do I do?
Most likely you have used more than 1 GB of data for the month. Remember, your hotspot is for school work only! Your data will reset each month giving you a new GB to use.

How do I put in the password?
There is no need to put in a password. The password is stored in your device and your device will automatically connect to the hotspot when it is within range. 

What can I use my hotspot for?
Your hotspot can be used for school work and any school related games that your teacher has asked you to play. Your hotspot should only be used at home and not at school. 

Who can use my hotspot?
Only you! If you have school-aged brothers and sisters in your house, they should have their own hotspot. 

When do I return my hotspot?
If you leave Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, you need to turn in your hotspot to the front office.

Additional questions?
Ask your teacher, your campus tech, or submit a help ticket at