OCPE Facility Applications are currently being accepted. All facilities are required to reapply for the 23-24 school year. Once approved, facilities will be approved until 2026.

Email applications to: [email protected]

The purpose of the OCPE Program is to accommodate students who are making a serious effort to develop higher-level skills in a specific activity that exceed what the District can offer through the general physical education program and athletic programs.

Physical Education Substitutions:
In accordance with local District policy, credit for any physical education course may be earned through participation in:

Appropriate private or commercially sponsored physical activity programs conducted on or off campus. The District must apply to the Commissioner for approval of such programs, which may be substituted for state graduation credit in physical education. Such approval may be granted under the following conditions:

  • Category I - Olympic-level participation and/or competition includes a minimum of 15 hours per week of highly intensive, professional, supervised training. The training facility, instructors, and the activities involved in the program must be certified by the Superintendent to be of exceptional quality. Students qualifying and participating at this level may be dismissed from school one hour per day. Students dismissed may not miss any class other than physical education. 

  • Category II - Private or commercially sponsored physical activities include those certified by the Superintendent to be of high quality and well supervised by appropriately trained instructors. Student participation of at least 5 hours per week is required. Students certified to participate at this level may not be dismissed from any part of the school day.

OCPE Forms, Guidelines and Applications

Students requesting an OCPE schedule must submit the student application to their Counselor/Campus OCPE Coordinator as soon as possible. All schedule requests must be submitted no later than the registration period for the school year.
OCPE Forms, Guidelines and Applications:
For Students:
For Program Facilitators:
  1. OCPE General Information Packet
  2. OCPE Guidelines for Coaches and Trainers
  3. OCPE FITNESS GRAM Report Form
    Spring Semester ONLY, You may make multiple copies of this form. (Due May 23)
  4. Adding OCPE Programs
Approved OCPE Programs:

Questions regarding OCPE:

  • Student scheduling or credits: Contact the Counselor assigned to that particular student/campus
  • Facilities: Contact Emberly Hill in the GCISD Counseling Office

All facilities expire in May 2023

It is the responsibility of the facility to remain current and renew before the deadline of each expiration year.