Transfer Request FAQs

If I am a non-resident and my student is already attending GCISD schools, do I need to complete a transfer request yearly?

  • No. You will only submit a transfer request when your student is transitioning from the following:
    • Pre-K to Kindergarten
    • Elementary to middle school
    • Middle to high school

What do you mean by resident and non-resident?

  • A resident transfer refers to a family that lives within the boundaries of Grapevine, Colleyville and Euless and is zoned to go to school in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.
  • A non-resident transfer refers to a family that lives within the city of Grapevine or Colleyville but is zoned to attend another school district.

If I currently live in another school district, am I eligible to submit a transfer request to a GCISD school?

  • Families are eligible to submit a transfer request if you live within the cities of Grapevine or Colleyville.

What do I need to submit as part of my transfer request application?

  • If you are submitting a resident transfer request, you will provide current proof of residence, report card showing attendance and behavior, and current IEP/504 plan if applicable.
  • If you are submitting a non-resident transfer or a grandparent request, you will need to provide:
    • Proof of residence: Which includes: Deed of Sale, current Property Tax Statement, or current signed Lease. AND a current utility bill (gas, water or electric) no other forms will be accepted. (Grandparents transfer request requires  Grandparents proof of residency).
    • Past state-mandated testing results
    • Most recent report card showing attendance and behavior

What campuses are open for student transfers?

  • Decisions about which campuses are open for student transfers are dependent on campus capacity and staffing. These decisions will be made later in the semester and throughout the summer depending on student registration and enrollment projections. Once the district determines which campuses and grade-levels can accept more students, the district will begin granting transfers based on transfer requests.

Can I request more than one campus, in case my first choice is not available?

  • The application form requests applicants list a first and second choice.  If you are only interested in transferring to one specific campus, please do not designate a second choice or select the option that states I only want my first choice.

When will I be notified of the status of my transfer request?

  • While we cannot give a definitive date that we will notify families of the status of their transfer request, we can promise we will notify families as soon as capacity at a campus has been determined. In some cases, this may not be until August or the week before the onset of the start of school.

I currently have a student that was approved a transfer to attend a specific campus. I have another child that I would like to attend that school as well. Do I need to submit a transfer request again?

  • Siblings of GCISD residents will need to submit an application for a sibling transfer which may be approved based on campus capacity.
  • Siblings of non-residents, previously approved for a transfer, must still submit a transfer request.

How long is the approved transfer valid for?

  • The student transfer is effective until the student moves to the next campus pending the student maintains eligibility criteria (attendance, academic and discipline in good standing). For example, if you are the parent of an elementary student on a transfer, you will not need to re-apply until the spring before they enter middle school.

How will transfer spaces be filled?

  • The district will select the number of applicants based on available campus and grade-level capacity and if the student meets the board policy criteria.  If the number of applications for a given school or grade-level exceeds the number of available spaces, a wait list will be created for any spots that may become available.
  • Schools with a capacity of 90% or higher will be ineligible to accept transfers for the following school year.
  • When determining schools that are able to receive transfers, we will look at the projected spaces available in each class at each grade level, while making sure that class sizes do not exceed the state maximums. We will not allow transfers if it would result in projected class sizes above the state maximums, or if it would require the district to add additional staff at a particular campus.

Can a transfer be denied?

  • Yes, a transfer request may be denied for any of the following reasons:
    • Lack of capacity
    • Athletic purposes
    • If approving the transfer request would put a particular classroom over the state-mandated maximum class size.
    • If the student does not abide by the transfer criteria:
      • Attendance is in good standing
      • Discipline history in good standing
      • Academic records are in good standing

Can children of GCISD employees transfer to GCISD schools?

  • Yes. Employees will be permitted to have their children attend the campus they are employed, or at the campus that is geographically closest to their work site as long as there is capacity and the student meets the district criteria. Employees must apply for the requested campus by submitting an employee student transfer request.

I am a grandparent who resides in GCISD and I provide before and after school childcare. Will my grandchild be permitted to attend my zoned GCISD campus?

  • Yes, if the grandparent completes a current affidavit stating that the grandparent is providing before and after school childcare within the zoned campus attendance area, then the grandchild will be permitted to attend the zoned GCISD campus of the resident grandparent. The grandparent childcare provider will not need to apply for a transfer. They will provide all needed documentation at their zoned campus. This process will be completed on a yearly basis.

I am a resident grandparent who does not provide before and after school childcare. My grandchildren lives outside of the GCISD attendance zone. Can my grandchildren attend GCISD schools?

  • Yes, if the grandparent submits a transfer request. The grandparent must follow all transfer request criteria in order to be considered.