For purposes of the Equal Access Act, the District has established a limited open forum for secondary school students enrolled in the District. Each District secondary school campus shall offer an opportunity for noncurriculum-related student groups to meet on school premises during noninstructional time.

The District has not established a limited public forum for elementary school students to meet as noncurriculum-related student groups on school premises during noninstructional time. [See GKD for community access]

Noncurriculum-related student groups shall not be sponsored by the District and shall in no way imply to students or to the public that they are school-sponsored. All letterheads, flyers, posters, or other communications that identify the group shall contain a disclaimer of such sponsorship.

District personnel shall not promote, lead, or participate in the meetings of noncurriculum-related student groups.

[For student activities sponsored by the District and having subject matter and purposes directly related to the school’s curriculum, see FM].

To receive permission to meet on school premises during noninstructional time, interested students shall file a written request with the principal or designee on a form provided by the District.

The students making the request shall indicate that they have read and understand the policies and rules governing nonsponsored, noncurriculum-related student groups and that the group will abide by those rules.

The principal or designee shall approve or reject the request within seven school days, subject to the availability of suitable meeting space and without regard to the religious, political, philosophical, or other content of the speech likely to be associated with the group’s meetings.

Approval to meet as a nonsponsored, noncurriculum-related group shall be granted for one school year at a time, subject to the provisions of this policy.


The principal or designee shall designate noninstructional time for meetings of nonsponsored, noncurriculum-related student groups and shall assign each approved group an appropriate location and time.

The principal shall assign a District employee to attend and monitor each student group meeting. Monitors shall be present at meetings and activities in a
nonparticipatory capacity to maintain order and protect school property.

No employee shall be required to monitor meetings at which the content of the speech would be objectionable to the employee.

All nonsponsored, noncurriculum-related student groups shall be given access on the same basis for publicizing their meetings and activities, in accordance with guidelines developed by the Superintendent or designee.

[For distribution of nonschool materials, see FNAA]

Failure of a student group to comply with applicable rules may result in loss of the right to meet on school premises.

In addition, students who violate applicable rules are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.


Decisions made by the administration in accordance with this policy may be appealed in accordance with FNG(LOCAL).