The District has a limited public forum, permitting distribution of non-school literature (that over which the District does not exercise control) only at certain times and places under specified conditions. At all other times, the District’s facilities remain a nonpublic forum. The District’s limits on expression must be viewpoint neutral and reasonable.


All non-school literature intended for distribution to students and/or District employees on District premises immediately before, during or immediately after the school day shall be submitted to the Director of Student Services for prior review in accordance with the following:

1. Materials shall include the name of the organization or person sponsoring the distribution.

2. Materials shall conspicuously,in bold print, contain a disclaimer stating:GCISD is not responsible for the contents of this flyer, nor does GCISD endorse any products and/or services referenced in this flyer.

3. Using the standards found in policies FNAA (LOCAL) and GKDA(LOCAL) regarding limitations on content, the Executive Director of Administration shall approve or reject submitted materials within eight (8) days of the time the materials were received.

4. Upon receipt of approval from the District, the sponsor of the non-school literature shall deliver directly to the school campus the literature in divided sets of twenty-five (25).

5. All non-school literature must be picked up by the sponsor at the end of the ten (10) school days or the literature will be discarded by the principal or designee.
6. Posters and yard signs are not allowable on GCISD campus property. 


A location at each campus has been determined as the place where non-school literature that is appropriate for distribution, as provided in local policies FNAA and GKDA, may be made available to students or others in accordance with the time, place and manner restrictions developed and approved by the Superintendent or designee, and herein further explained.

Approved non-school literature shall be placed in the designated location of the school for no longer than ten (10) school days of any month and is therefore available for students and parents to retrieve at their discretion.


Non-school literature intended for employees of the District may be placed in the campus or building breakroom for no more than ten (10) work days. Campus mailboxes may not be used to distribute non-school literature. However, the Election Code prohibits a school district from using District funds to distribute campaign materials, and the Ethics Commission has interpreted use of school facilities (including placing flyers on a table in the teacher’s breakroom) to be a prohibited use of District funds. Campus mailboxes and other means of mail distribution, including email, may not be used to distribute campaign materials.