Q: How safe is a school bus?
A: NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Board) says that traveling by school bus is seven times safer than traveling by car or truck. 
Q: What can be done to improve school bus safety?
A: Education and knowledge will help keep our children safe. Children will be safer by knowing and following all the bus safety rules. Parents, educated in school bus safety, should insist their children cooperate with the bus driver to ensure a safe ride. An informed driving public will be aware and comply with the law by not passing a stopped school bus with red flashing lights.
Q: Where can bus schedules be found?
A: Go to the GCISD Transportation and Fleet Services web page, select Bus Stops. When E-Link opens, enter the grade, the registered home address, city and zip code. Be sure to include any additional descriptors such as East, West, North, South, Drive, Street, Trail, etc. Information is also available from Transportation Services by calling 817-251-5592. ‚Äč
Q: How many passengers does a bus hold?
A: A conventional bus holds 77 passengers. GCISD levels of service allow 77 students on primary routes. The maximum recommended capacity for secondary students is 65 passengers. Standees are not allowed on GCISD school buses.
Q: Can more bus stops be added?
A: GCISD levels of service establish the distance students might walk to bus stops. Stops are provided for primary students within 3/10 mile from their home, and 5/10 mile for secondary students. Stops are reviewed annually based on safety hazards, distance, and number of students at each stop.
Q: How do we know when a change has been made to a bus route?
A: Written notices are sent home with the students riding the bus three days in advance of the change. The campus is also notified and Bus Schedules on our website is modified to reflect any changes.
Q: What happens if a bus is late to school?
A: A phone call is made to the campus if the bus arrives within 5 minutes of the final bell, and students are instructed to stop at the office if a pass is required. Late arrivals are tracked by transportation staff in order to monitor service.
Q: What is a Bus Safety Report?
A: A Bus Safety Report is part of the four-step discipline process used for bus services. Parents are notified in writing and by phone if a child violates a bus safety rule. Students are expected to know and follow all bus safety rules in order to assure everyone of a safe ride. For more information, consult the Bus Rider's Safety Handbook.
Q: Do you have unanswered questions?
A: Please call us at 817-251-5592.