Student Activity Funds (aka Student Club and/or Agency Fund) belong specifically to student group and the school district acts as a trustee. Each Student Activity Fund should include a school sponsor and governing body. Examples of Student Activity Funds are the Debate Club, Drillteam, Yearbook etc.


Note: Sponsors are responsible for collecting and depositing all funds, insure all purchases are legitimate and accurate and the fund is not overspent.

Cash Receipts & Deposits:

Cash collected should be stored in a locked secure area and deposits made daily. Funds should never be kept in a teacher’s or bookkeeper’s desk and/or classroom or desk. In the event funds are turned in at the end of the school day and cannot be deposited until the next business day then funds must be placed in a safe or vault for security. Money collected from fund raisers should not remain in the building over the weekend or holiday. Cash received is not to be used for cashing checks for any reason. Postdated checks are not to be accepted. Checks are not to be held.

Purchases from student activity funds should be for that group.

Management of Funds:

  • Funds are to promote club or class activities and good morale to student groups.
  • Purchases should be for items in which the students choose.
  • Purchases are conducted under the guidance and general requirements of the district
  • Funds for these accounts do not require budgeting & operate in flow-thru capacity.
  • The individual sponsors are responsible for managing their respective activity funds.

*Texas law PROHIBITS schools from conducting raffles. (See TEA - Financial Accountability System Resource Guide, Site Based Decision Making Module 5) The attorney general ruled that independent school districts are NOT qualified to hold charitable raffles

Student Activity funds are accounted for in one account code. Funds are deposited and spent from the same account code, all known as a “flow through” accounts. A flow through account means there is not separate account codes for revenues (deposits) or a separate account for expenditures. If you are uncertain a student group should be accounted for in a student activity fund or campus activity fund please contact Financial Services.


  • One student group may not borrow from another student group without written consent from the student group.
  • Cannot cash personal or any checks with these funds or accept post dated checks
  • Funds should not be used for general campus or teacher expenses without written consent from the student group.
  • Utilizing bid vendors is encouraged due to the discounts and promotions.


Sponsors should keep a log or register of all orders and deposits submitted to insure accuracy.

Booster Clubs are representatives of the school district but are not part of the school district; therefore, Booster Club Funds should not be commingled with any activity fund.

 See “Sales Tax” for collecting taxes on fund raisers.