Budget Information

Operating Budget
$189.6 million, which includes approximately $49.2 million for GCISD's recapture of tax revenue (better known as "Robin Hood" payments)

Per Pupil Expenditure
$13,840 (excluding "Robin Hood" and TIF)
(General Operating & Debt Svc.)

Total Tax Rate
$1.3267 per $100 valuation of homes reflects a debt service of $.3567 and $0.97 for maintenance and operations.

Source of Funds (General Operating)
Local - 89.8%
State - 8.8%
Federal - 1.4%

Average 2019 Taxable Value of Residences (based on May 15th values)
$381,365 ($361,356 prior year)

Taxes Due on Average Residence in 2019 (based on May 15th values)
$5,060 ($5,047 prior year) 

Budget approved June 17, 2019 by the Board of Trustees