The Grounds department is responsible for maintaining all grounds, irrigation, playgrounds, athletic fields, outdoor learning areas and Mustang-Panther Stadium.
Grounds Foreman
Brandon Smith
[email protected]

Nine hard working employees are committed to providing attractive, clean and safe grounds, playgrounds, outdoor learning areas and athletic fields. We do this in partnership with a professional contractor that provides mowing and other services for general district grounds. All competition fields, practice fields, and Mustang Panther Stadium are maintained by grounds employees. Trees, beds, fencing, irrigation, parking lots, tennis and basketball courts also fall under this department.

If you have a concern regarding bees/wasps in the outdoors, please report these to the Facility Services Help Desk Line at 817.251.5600. Randomly flying bees/wasp may not be sprayed with pesticides due to environmental and health regulations. We may however, eliminate a nest effectively with environmentally friendly products and by timing application before or after school hours. When reporting a bee/wasp nest please identify the exact location.

Please let us know if you see an irrigation problem! We utilize sensors to adjust irrigation schedules. Please call the Help Desk Line at 817.251.5600.