Rachel's Challenge

Rachel’s Challenge promotes kindness, respect, and compassion for others. This is a program that promotes a safe learning environment for all students. Rachel’s Challenge empowers children and adults and gives them the tools to combat bullying and harassment. GCISD has adopted Rachel’s Challenge as its Character Education message and all campuses use this program to initiate change and promote positive campus environments.

All GCISD campuses have adopted the Rachel’s Challenge program as part of the district’s character development initiatives. GCISD’s strategic plan, known as LEAD 2021, calls for all members of the GCISD family to promote citizenship, mutual respect and be positive community participants. All 11 elementary schools in GCISD implemented Rachel’s Challenge in 2009-2010, setting a strong foundation for the expansion to middle and high schools.

The Rachel’s Challenge program aims to inspire students to replace acts of bullying with acts of respect and kindness. During the middle and high school assemblies, students were encouraged to examine their lives with these five challenges:

Rachel's Challenge - start a chain reaction logo 1. Look for the best in others.

2. Dream big.

3. Choose positive influences.

4. Speak with kindness.

5. Start your own chain reaction

For more information about Rachel's Challenge, visit The Rachel's Challenge website: www.rachelschallenge.org

Rachel's Challenge Rally

Our Rachel’s Challenge Rally is a celebration of student kindness and compassion that has been ongoing throughout the school year. We recognize the Rachel’s Challenge campus groups and the students who have been proactive in changing the atmosphere of this district. In addition to celebrating our student accomplishments, the rally features a free 1-mile fun run, local vendors, free games and activities for children, motivational speakers and food trucks.