TechnologyWe will integrate technology, including student mobile wireless computing devices, into every aspect of the student academic experience to accomplish the GCISD mission and strategic objectives.

  1. GCISD will structure student-driven learning that integrates technology to provide students with competencies to be successful in a global society.
  2. GCISD will invest in staff by providing on demand professional development to enable teachers to facilitate student use of the latest technology.
  3. GCISD will provide a network service for digitally created student portfolios that will follow the student throughout their schooling GCISD and beyond. Cross-reference strategy 2
  4. GCISD will provide and allow for multiple avenues for students to choose learning opportunities, communicate globally and ensure every student can access digital learning 24/7.
  5. GCISD staff will design learning experiences which seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum.
  6. GCISD will provide technology support via Student Technology Assistants to facilitate maintenance and upkeep on district technology as a supplement to technology services.