CommunicationWe will create a plan that customizes communication methods and messages for students, parents, teachers, administration, and community to communicate and support the GCISD mission and strategic objectives.
  1. The district will engage the community by encouraging employees and students to be ambassadors to community groups.
  2. Communication with students will utilize current technology and allow for customization. Cross-reference 6.4
  3. GCISD employees will receive training in communication and will use this knowledge to build relationships. Cross-reference 6.1
  4. Communication in GCISD will be tailored to meet the needs of underrepresented populations. Cross-reference 6.4
  5. GCISD will inform parents and students of the academic standards, expectations,and progress of each student as appropriate throughout the school year. Cross-reference 3.8, 6.1,6.3
  6. Communication capabilities/technologies will be clearly defined, incorporated and refreshed as part of the professional development process for all GCISD employees. Cross-reference strategy 6
  7. Communicate all district sponsored student activities to stakeholders utilizing effective communication methods and modern technologies on a timely basis.