CurriculumWe will transform from a teaching platform to a learning platform by designing engaging, differentiated, work for students toward the accomplishment of the GCISD mission and strategic objectives.
  1. The roles of specific stakeholders (i.e., students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and community members) are redefined to function as members of a learning organization.
  2. Engaging and differentiated instruction and work will reflect the new paradigm of a learning platform. Cross-reference 7.8
  3. Professional development opportunities for administrators, teachers, and staff will be systemic and systematic.Cross-reference 1.6, 1.7
  4. All instructional leaders will be involved in a PLC group that meets regularly to plan for student engagement/differentiation and be accountable for the PLC’s learning and planning.Cross-reference 1.5
  5. Teachers and students will be provided the tools necessary as identified by best practices to achieve the strategy.
  6. Structures for teachers and students will be aligned with the principles of a learning organization and focused on the design of engaging, differentiated work for students toward the accomplishment of the GCISD mission and objectives.Cross-reference 7.3, 1.1
  7. In maintaining high expectations for all students, GCISD will create structures at ALL levels that maximize the potential of all students through rigorous curriculum and instruction.
  8. Appropriate assessments will drive instruction.
  9. Curriculum, instruction, and student performance will reflect college and career readiness standards.